Saturday, December 05, 2009


21 days of continuous office work without any weekend break. On 22nd day, Friday, work was under control and Gopu managed to leave office by 9 pm. He took a cab home and closed his eyes to catch some sleep.

His mobile rang... it was Jhhadoo. Gopu reluctantly picked the mobile. (To his credit Jhhadoo did a great job in managing his team by phone. Even Dawood and Chhota Shakeel could learn some tips from him.)

Jhhadoo took status update and reached to a conclusion that Gopu should spend weekends in office close to beautiful sea face than distant suburban house.

The call ended after 45 minutes.

"Battery Low"
2 missed calls - Rimi, Mom.

Gopu dialed Rimi. The mobile was dead after first ring.

Poor mobile had handled irate clients throughout the day and Jhhadoo's marathon call in late evening.

Tired Gopu stared at the discharged mobile. He thought, he was looking at a mirror.


Unknown said...

i am sure these characters are from your office :)

Molu said...

Mini, Rimi kya baat hai boss ...gopu is lucky man !!

Mayur said...

I like the stay near office part! That's exactly wat I've been told! ' since u stay nearby why don't you come back to office after dinner' !!!