Thursday, December 28, 2006

Paradox of Brand Immunity

Brand positioning, Brand revival, Brand royalty..... It was almost branding bombardment in the marketing class. The MBA student was fed up with this daily brand staple. Brands followed him even when he was out of class, at home as TV commercials, on road as billboards, while surfing on websites and now also during movies. Brands were not only giving him mental torture but they were also pinching his pocket. He was almost addictive of brands and often ended up spending on unnecessary brands.

MBA decided to get out of this brand addiction. Suddenly an idea of creating a Brand Immunity Vaccine struck him. A vaccine such that whoever uses it won’t be affected by branding campaigns; he’ll buy only what is needed and not what he is persuaded for.

MBA always wanted to start a new venture, so he decided to make a business out of this idea. When he analyzed business proposition for this idea, he found that according to a research, people end up spending around 40 percent more money for buying branded products than non branded products of same quality. So the value proposition for brand immunity vaccine was to save those 40 percent. This vaccine would have large market of almost everyone with good disposable income.

To implement the unique idea he roped in a psychologist to analyze effect of brands on minds of people and a scientist to create the vaccine.

After a thorough research and testing the product was ready.

"Hey, the product, Brand Immunity Vaccine is ready, now we have to sell it", scientist told MBA.

MBA instinctively responded, "Sell immediately, No; first we have to create brand, people don’t buy product they buy brand."