Sunday, February 28, 2010


Early morning class of Business Strategy was unusually packed. The professor asked the class, "What is outsourcing?"

"Getting someone else to do the work which you can't do in the best way or the work is not lucrative enough to spend your precious time", someone responded in colloquial language.
"I liked this definition, simple yet complete", one of the rare incidents when the professor was happy.
"Now tell me how do you apply outsourcing concept in real life? Tell me at least one thing that you always outsource?", this time the professor pointed at a thin shivering guy, who was walking encyclopedia of the class.
"Decision making", his answer was not as simple as the question. 

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Spice of Tradition

Bhidu is a traditional person and his favorite God is Lord Krishna. When we meet, our discussion revolves around his progress in achieving the target - 10/10/10, the date by when he plans to get hitched.

"Mini is the perfect girl for me - someone who can match shot to shot with me (of Tequila)", Bhidu was animated.
"Thats great!", being a teetotaler I was not able to appreciate this. 
"We had a great time last Saturday. Next month, we are planning for Goa vacation for one complete week."
"So you are on track for mission 10/10/10."
"I am not planning to marry her."
"Our horoscopes don't match."