Monday, February 27, 2006

Fighting Bytes - Colour of the Creator

With a lot of effort I wrote a computer program. The program was running fine, but today somehow it started giving many errors. I tried to troubleshoot it, but of no use. I was alone in the room, suddenly I heard a voice, someone was talking . Then I looked inside my computer, I was shocked to see two bytes talking. I started listening..

"You are a Kafir, colour of our Creator, God is Green, the Prophet had told us this.", the "First" byte shouted.

"No, you are wrong, colour of our Creator, God is Saffron, I read that from holy scriptures", the "Second" byte replied.

After some time they stopped arguing and started fighting. And because of their fight "The Program", which I created with some much of effort was not working properly.

Initially I laughed at them, I thought, "How these ignorant bytes have created their own version of story, Colour of the Creator. I am colourless. I am their Creator, they are just ordinary bytes. For me both the First and Second bytes are same, there is no difference between them, no one is superior than other, both have just eight bits each."

But now I am furious, if the don't stop fighting, I will destroy them, I will destroy "The Program".

Sunday, February 26, 2006

War is Over !

The war is over,
I don't know yet,
I have won or lost,
But I am happy,
The war is over,
I am a free bird now.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

A break for the Break

I am taking a short break,
To get the Big Break,
Wish me good luck for the Big Break,
We'll meet after this short break.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Better Sorry than Safe

Once upon a time there lived two bears in a jungle. Like all bears they loved Honey. But getting Honey was not easy, it was risky, honey bees were ready to attack anyone who tried to get Honey.

Out of those two bears the First bear tried for Honey and honey bees attacked him. He failed in first attempt. He was so scared of honey bees that he desired for honey but never dared to try again. He played safe. He lost the opportunity to gain strength and vigour he could have got from Honey. He remained an ordinary bear. He lived safe and died safe.

The Second bear was also in quest for Honey, he failed once. But he derived strength from strong desire for Honey. He made many attempts, was attacked many times by honey bees. The tenacious bear finally got Honey he desired for. He gained enormous strength from Honey. Thereafter the Second bear tried many times for Honey, each time with more strength and more confidence, and most of the times he got that.

Now you decide two things, Whose path you want to follow? The one followed by First bear or the one follwed by Second bear?

Decide what is Honey for you; great job, profitable business, b-school admission, faithful companion, peace of mind or just anything you desire for. Give your best shot for it and Dont give up. Its better to be sorry than to remain safe.

Your Honey is waiting for you. Go Get It !

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Coming Soon

So many thoughts, So many themes are running in mind. I'll try to post them as and when I get time. But I can't resist sharing titles of those themes with you.

Here it goes..

- Death of a cow
- To Kill or To Die - Difficult Decision
- Confused ball
- Thank God I am alive !
- Rich Dad, Poor Son
- Fighting Bytes

Keep watching, Keep Commenting.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Toon Tragedy

On my way home I met two little boys from my building indulged in a fight. Christ and Mohammed, both were angry and fighting.

I asked them, "Whats the matter?";

"This bastard, sketched an obscene cartoon of my mom, deliberately to hurt my sentiments.", Mohammed yelled.

"Why have you done this?", I asked Christ.

"In spirit of freedom of expression ! I believe , nothing is sacred. I want to express myself and I don't care if it hurts anyone. Also I am not breaking any law.", adamant Christ replied.

Then they again started to abuse and fight with each other.

I dropped idea of making peace between them. I have seen them fighting from so many years. They are still little boys, I don't know when they will grow up...

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Unfair Transaction

Yesterday, I went to market to buy some coconuts. Unfortunately I didn’t had any money with me, but I had a bagful of bananas so I thought of paying using good old barter system.

I went to a kirana store and asked shopkeeper to give me one kg coconuts, and according to exchange rate printed on board I had to pay ten kgs of bananas for one kg of coconut.

The shopkeeper weighed coconut and gave it to me. I gave him bagful of bananas to weigh and take his share in that. To my amazement, the shopkeeper started to remove cover of banana and he weighed only eatable part of banana to keep for him.

I protested, "You weighed coconut, with its shell and now you are removing cover of bananas which I am giving it to you, I am at loss, this is unfair!”

"I don’t care", the shopkeeper yelled.

"When I give coconut to you I am concerned with what I am giving to you, I don’t care what you are receiving, it depends on type of coconut and how you remove its shell",

"Also when I accept bananas from you, I don’t care what you are giving, I am concerned with only the eatable portion I receive, I don’t want its useless covers and I won't give you additional coconut for the useless covers of bananas."

The adamant shopkeeper offered no choice for me. I searched all the shops in the market, but of no use. All shops had this same practice.

What do you think? Isn't this transaction unfair?

If you haven't guessed it, put yourself in my position, shopkeeper is your employer and coconut is CTC, cost to company, and if you remove its shell, eatable part - inhand salary is very less. The banana is TFC, time for company, time you spent for your employer which includes your travel time.

Now, Is THIS a fair transaction? We need to ponder over it. All shopkeeper follow the same rule doesn't mean that it’s fair. I hope some day customer will get better bargain for his bananas.

As a customer, what do you think about this?

Friday, February 03, 2006

In Praise of Criticism

Good blogs receive Comments,
Better blogs receive Appreciations, And
Great blogs receive Criticism.

- The-Ignorant

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Why Horse Cart exists?

Why companies exists?

When I read "Built to Last". I was curious to know what a layperson thinks about this question.So I thought of asking this question to my mom, because she is not aware of buzzwords of business.

"Why companies exists?", I asked.

"To give people jobs", she answered promptly.

I was amazed to hear this answer, I guess most people in India have this illusion that compaines exists to create jobs.

Then I asked my mom another simple question,"Why Horse Cart exists?"

"So that the owner can earn money and People can have a ride by paying him money.", She anwered.

"Does the horse cart exist to give the horse job and livelihood?", I asked another question.

"No", She answered. She was ignorant about the business but she understood that horse cart doesn't exist to feed horses.

But many ignorant horses are unaware of this fact. Are you one of them?

Friendship in Blogger's Park

Those who don't read your blog are strangers,
Those who read it are your friends,
Those who read and comment on it are your good friends,
Those who give a link to your blog from their blog are your best friends.

- The-Ignorant :)