Sunday, April 30, 2006

Life is Beautiful

".. ... .... .. ?"

Friday, April 28, 2006

Lost Nobel

When I was eight years old, teacher taught us about Nobel prize. I learnt that many scientists solved great puzzles of nature and won the coveted Nobel Prize. I thought when I grow up I will solve some big question to win a Nobel. Then I started around looking for the big question. I observed that only married people had children. I zeroed on the question that will give me Nobel, a Biological question, "Is marriage necessary to have a child?"

When I grew up, I learnt that the question was not a Biological question, it was a Social question. And I lost my Nobel.

From that incident I learnt, "No matter how much Information we gather, how much expertise we gain we still live in ignorance. Life, economy, technology and politics unfold in very unexpected way that you cannot have 'long term AND specific' goals. Because as the time changes the goals set long back may become irrelevant in the new context."

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Flexible Dreams

A classroom filled with smart, bright kids.

Teacher threw a question, "Whats your dream? What do you want to become when you grow up?"

Different answers came.
"I want to create rockets".
"I'll build most powerful supercomputer."
"I'll build skyscrapers that will almost touch the sky."

Twenty years later at school reunion.

The same teacher asked, "What have you become?"

Different answers came.
"I sell soaps."
"I sell credit cards."
"I sell 'carrots'."

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Full Stop !

Blogging has been a great experience for me for last couple of months. I interacted with different people, listened to their views. Everything was perfect, then I came across these questions.

  • What differentiates my blog from thousands of other blogs in this blog world ?
  • Why should someone read my blog ?

I am trying to find answers to these questions, till that I won't be posting anything.

Please help me to find these answers, by sharing your views.

Those who want to contact me can Mail me.

- The-Ignorant

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Challenging Work

A routine meeting with Manager(My Boss).
Manager - "I have some challenging work for you. Are you interested to take it?"
Me (very happily) - "YES!!"

After some days, a followup meeting.
Manager - "How are you doing?"
Me - "Can you give me something else to work on? That work is too boring."
Manager - "I know that".
Me - "But you said that it was challenging. What was the challenge in it?"
Manager - "Not to get bored while working on boring stuff. Buddy, you have lost the challenge."

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Same Question, Different Answers

For almost one year I didn't meet two of my close friends. This week fortunately all of us were in town.

I called up both and asked, "Lets meet".

First replied, "When and where?"
Second replied, "Why?"

I wondered whether we need a reason for everything we do in life.

Friday, April 14, 2006

The Eternal Game

I saw some boys playing a game. There was one big circle marked on the ground. Two boys were standing in that circle. Remaining boys were watching them from outside the circle. Each one's role was defined. Out of the two boys in the circle, one was Bully and other was Victim. All other boys were Spectators. Everyone tried that they don't end up as victim. Everyone desired to become Bully, but no one was ready to say it aloud. Hence almost all were doing the easiest thing, to become a spectator and clap, waiting their turn to become Bully.

And The Game continued eternally.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Email Blunder

This story dates back to Mughal era, when Akbar was the emperor of India. Akbar was an IT savvy guy. One day he got a nice forwarded mail. As usual he forwarded that mail to his two Begums(Queens). This time he also forwarded that mail to his close friend Gabbar who was the ruler of a neighbouring country. As his usual practice he put addresses of all recipients in "To" => "First Begum, Second Begum, Gabbar".

All recipients got the mail. This was just start of Akbar's bad days. Second Begum was furious because Akbar put First begum's name before her. She thought, "In informal mails people always put addresses of recipients in order of priority or closeness". Hence Second begum left Akbar's palace.

This was just beginning. The playboy Gabbar got email address of Akbar's favourite First begum, and then both started emailing each other. Gabbar and First Begum fell in love and First begum eloped with Gabbar.

Akbar was very frustrated. He consulted Birbal (The wisest minister in his cabinet). Akbar narrated the complete story and said , "A silly forward screwed my life. Find some way so that other ignorant people should not fall in misery like me".

Birbal researched for some days and invented a miracle. He narrated his invention to Akbar, "I have invented a new field 'bcc' which should be used while sending all informal mails and stupid forwards. The recipient of bcc mail would not know who else received the mail and addresses of other recipients"

Akbar issued an order to use bcc for all informal mails. All his subjects followed the order and lived happily.

Are you doing the same mistake that Akbar did while sending mails?

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Glass, Water and You

I saw two men involved in an "intellectual" debate over a glass filled with water. One was saying. "The glass is half full with water". The other was arguing, "The glass half empty".

I laughed at them, went ahead and drank the water.

Now its your turn to draw morale from this story. You can also add more to this story. Share with us what you interpret from this story.