Thursday, April 27, 2006

Flexible Dreams

A classroom filled with smart, bright kids.

Teacher threw a question, "Whats your dream? What do you want to become when you grow up?"

Different answers came.
"I want to create rockets".
"I'll build most powerful supercomputer."
"I'll build skyscrapers that will almost touch the sky."

Twenty years later at school reunion.

The same teacher asked, "What have you become?"

Different answers came.
"I sell soaps."
"I sell credit cards."
"I sell 'carrots'."


Abhishek Rai said...

Well, Guess the story is similar for most of us.

I sold Agri-chemicals, Then refrigerators and washing machines, mobile phones and now selling pre-paid cards.....

Originally, wanted to be a Special forces commando.....

May be, better luck next time....

Good posts, keep it up...

Frustrations Amalgamated said...

Ha ha ha as a child i wanted to be a post woman and now when i think back i can't help but laugh at my innocence.

Raghav said...

I dont quite get it..are u showing how dreams are farces?

Anonymous said...

more ironic responses would have been.

"I sell fire crackers"
"I sell calculators"
"I sell fertilizers"

Shailesh said...


Its not farce. Just with time people changed, their dreams changed.

Keep watching this space.

Anonymous said...

when i was child i thoght to read good blogs and books.

Anonymous said...

the next question ideally should be: what happened in between the dreams and the reality?

Shailesh said...

Good Question Navneet..

What happened in between the dreams and the reality?

Everyone can ponder over this.

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Anonymous said...

well i have a answers to them as well.
i work in fire-cracker company.
i work in computer making unit.
i am a mason

Himanshu said...

I sell diapers :)