Tuesday, May 16, 2006

People ARE System and System IS People

People make System OR System makes People ?
Probably Both.

People make System AND System makes People.

People ARE System and System IS People.
Still People crib about System.

People -> System -> People -> System -> People
Its a Circle, Origin is End and End is Origin.

Sometimes this Circle is Virtuous,
Sometimes this Circle is Vicious.

When it is vicious, someone should break it.
Who should break the vicious circle?
System or People?
Probably People.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Meet My Friends

Friends in Buddy List are people I have interacted with and I admire them (Don't know if its true other way also).

Friends in Blogger's Park are the one's I haven't met yet, but would love to meet some day some time. I came across these people by my blog.

All of you have loved my blog. I am sure I would love to visit my friends' blogs too.

Friend's in Blogger's Park

Buddy List

Share your thoughts on all these blog with us.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Contemporary Wisdom

A bright engineering student said, "I kept almost 40 percent of syllabus for option (read- I didn't prepared for it), because examiners ask very few questions on that 40 percent part, also these questions are too difficult. I have prepared for the easier part. I am confidant that I'll get good score."

Wise man thought, "Intelligent boy. He studies for marks not knowledge."

Marketing manager of a luxury car said, "We target only rich people as poor and middle class can't afford our car."

Wise man thought, "What an intelligent manager. He knows who are his potential buyers and don't waste his effort on others."

A burly politician said, "I am sure, I'll win this election with help of poor people. I'll give them cheap rice and free color TVs. I can't rely on educated middle class who doesn't vote and treat Election Day as holiday."

Wise man cried, “Shame! Shame!! He is a populist. He is playing Vote Bank Politics"