Saturday, March 25, 2006

Poisonous Label

Everyday early morning I used to go in a park for a walk. In that park there was a statue of a pig, on top of a twenty feet pillar. I looked at that pig everyday for some days. Being a lazy guy, I thought "Lets not take any effort to look at this pig each day, it is going to remain a dirty pig". At the bottom of the pillar, at visible height I wrote ,'A dirty little Pig'. I 'labelled' that statue.

From then onwards whenever I came across that pillar I used to read that label and used to scream, "A dirty little pig". I never took effort to look twenty feet above at the pig.

Today, I visited the park with some of my friends. As a routine, when I came across the pillar, I read the label and screamed, "A dirty little pig". All my friends laughed at my ignorance. When I asked why. They said, "Take some effort to look at the statue".

When I looked I saw 'A big elegant Elephant'. I laughed at myself. I had visited that park for many days, but I never noticed when the dirty pig turned it an elegant elephant.

From that incident I learnt, "Never label anyone, take effort to see the real situation, take effort to understand people. You never know when a pig turns into an elephant and offer you a ride".

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Fix it or Close it

"If you weren't already in that relationship, would you enter it today? And if the answer is no, what are you going to do about it?"

- "Inspired" by Peter Drucker's Quote

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Lost Nobel

When I was eight years old, teacher taught us about Nobel prize. I learnt that many scientists solved great puzzles of nature and won the coveted Nobel Prize. I thought when I grow up I will solve some big question to win a Nobel. Then I started around looking for the big question. I observed that only married people had children. I zeroed on the question that will give me Nobel, a Biological question, "Is marriage necessary to have a child?"

When I grew up, I learnt that the question was not a Biological question, it was a Social question. And I lost my Nobel.

From that incident I learnt, "No matter how much Information we gather, how much expertise we gain we still live in ignorance. Life, economy, technology and politics unfold in very unexpected way that you cannot have 'long term AND specific' goals. Because as the time changes the goals set long back may become irrelevant in the new context."

Friday, March 10, 2006

Lazy Blogger

Lazy weekend morning. I was typing my new blog post, my friend cum well wisher came.

The moment he stepped in and looked at me he said, "Why are you wasting time doing 'this' crap?"
"Tell me, what should I do?", I asked.

"Study for CAT,CET or GMAT and crack it", he said.
"Then..", me.
"You will get admission in top bschool", he continued.
"Then..", me.
"You will get placed in a top company at astronomical salary", he said.
"What will happen next?", now I was also eager to listen.

"Then one day you will become CEO of a big company, then like all modern CEOs you will want to communicate informally with your customers, employees.", he explained.
"Then what will I do?", I asked curiously.
"You will write a blog to communicate with all stakeholders informally", he explained.
"That's what I am doing now, writing a blog. If after doing all this, if I end up doing the same thing(writing a blog), then I am happy where I am".

And I continued writing my blog post.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Praise for The Ignorant's Blog

The metaphor dude.
- Sandeep

The blogs that I read on your home page.They were crisp yet communicative.I simply detest page long blogs .And yours make an interesting read.
I liked your blog on in praise of criticism especially.
- Princess

I saw one thing common in all your posts, you talk tersely and quite sharp. Whatt 10 lines take to convey that you say it in just one..Good one.
- Anu

I came to your blog thru Pagalguy....
I read your HR interveiw post about "The goal in life"
Loved it very much...
Keep up the posts...
and All the very Best!

Hehe! Guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone's face! Do post stuff like this every once in a while! :-)
- Rahul

Your blog is one of the few blogs I visit almost regularly. I personally like metaphors. I have found that you have made a natural progress as a writer as time has passed. Your first few posts were a bit rusty and a little sloppy. But now I think you do have a central theme to the posts.
- Paresh

All the best for your break....
Well u seem to have quite a fan following :)
Will miss your blog.
- Rushabh

I love the pic you have posted...
Really funny yet APT.
- Amit

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Everything Changed !

With time everything changed,
First our thoughts, then minds and then our hearts changed,

With time everything changed,
First city, then address and then cell number changed,

Only one thing is unchanged,
Our messenger contact,
And I am still waiting for the Buzz !

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Slaughterhouse Ethics

In a village, there was a slaughterhouse, its owner, butchers and many goats. As time passed the number of goats increased in the slaughterhouse but number of butchers was same.

The owner thought instead of looking for new butchers, lets make one of the goat a butcher. He had a doubt in his mind that a goat might not fit into butchers role, but then he thought "Lets take a chance and see how it goes. If this experiment succeeds I can make other goats a butcher."

The owner picked one wise goat and told him, "I want to make you a butcher, are you ready for this?".
Wise goat thought this is a good opportunity and said, "Yes."

Next day the Wise goat came dressed like a butcher. As per rotation policy, it was turn of a goat who was the best friend of the wise goat to get slaughtered. The wise goat grabbed his best friend with a knife in hand.

All other goats cried, "Wise goat, you are one of us, how can you do this. Don't you have any ethics?"

"I am a butcher now, and to slaughter goats is my role. When I have a role to play I don't care about ethics and emotions.", wise goat replied and slaughtered his friend.

I believe if you are a faint hearted goat, don't become a butcher. Once you become butcher be ready to slaughter any goat.

If you were in place of the wise goat what would have you done?