Saturday, March 04, 2006

Everything Changed !

With time everything changed,
First our thoughts, then minds and then our hearts changed,

With time everything changed,
First city, then address and then cell number changed,

Only one thing is unchanged,
Our messenger contact,
And I am still waiting for the Buzz !


Anonymous said...

I liked this one, specially the last line!

a said...

Hehe! Guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone's face! Do post stuff like this every once in a while! :-)

Shailesh said...

Its great to see people can relate to this.

Now dont wait for the buzz. Person on other side might be also waiting.

So just give a buzz and say hello!

Ameya said...

Good one dude!....where in moombhai are u located?

Piyush Mattoo said...

That was a Cracker.You said it all in a very few lines.Try to come up with such stuff again in the future.