Sunday, November 22, 2009

Birth of Gopu

For last 18 months, I had not posted anything on my blog.

Now I am back to blogging and I plan to tell the story through some interesting characters. I'll keep all the posts FICTIONAL, but if you happen to find an element of reality in it, then you are plain lucky.

Lets get introduced to the main characters.

Gopu - Protagonist. Simple from outside: complicated inside. Knows what he doesn't like and can't do, but yet to figure out what he likes and can do. Manages to solve others' problems, but completely confused to solve his own.

Rimi - Gopu's love interest. She can be a crush, girlfriend, fiance or wife depending on the context.

Jhhadoo - The evil character. He/She can be a competitor, troublesome co-worker, abusive boss, irritating neighbor etc.

Mom - Gopu's mother.This MNYL commercial best captures her feelings for Gopu:

Guru - Gopu's adviser cum rescuer. Knows Gopu's vulnerabilities, but has complete faith in his strengths. He can be a senior colleague, supportive boss or elder relative.

Bhidu - Gopu's confidant. He can be a co-worker, family friend or relative.

Mini - Girl in Gopu's life who is not Rimi or Mom and shares most of the traits of Bhidu.

Stay tuned for some interesting stories. Hope you will enjoy them and share your views/feedback through comments.


Frustrations Amalgamated said...

I perfectly relate with gopu. Looking forward to some good reading in the next few posts.

Himanshu said...

Seems like Gopu is the Indian Dilbert on its way! Way to go Shailesh, will wait for your posts.

Amit Shah said...

Hey.. thats a very kwel start !!.. waiting for the first escapade!..

PS: Small typo in Mini.. I think it should be .. "who is not Rimi or Mom"..

Shailesh said...

# Priya /Himanshu/ Amit,

Thanks for your comments.