Sunday, February 18, 2007

Innovation Everywhere

Orange, a thief went to a shop which accepted second hand goods. He used to sell most of his stolen goods in that shop, and the shopkeeper was aware of that.

This time Orange had all his bags, small and big, for sell. He used these bags while stealing goods and money.

Shopkeeper wondered and said, “Are you planning to quit your profession?”

Orange replied, “No, but I have moved up the value chain. Now I use Pen Drive >.”


Jyoti said...

Hey...voila..that's quite a post!! Mazaa aaya!Cheers

Paresh said...

haha...good one!

Maria George said...

if you are that high up in the value chain, you probably don't need the pen drive!
The league matters.

Neihal said...

novel ideas !

Himanshu said...

Maybe Mr Orange needs to hear about wi-fi! What say Shailesh, invite him over to our JBIMS? :-)

Shailesh said...

# Freakytechie,


# Paresh,

Nice to see you commenting again.

# Daagini,

May be.

# Neihal,


# Incognito,

Dude, you missed the real meaning.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

and does he suffer the same fate as the poor pickpocket in the sbi ads?
though in reverse..