Wednesday, February 07, 2007

God’s Own Kids

Orange was preparing for his MBA final placements. He was putting in as much time and effort as possible to get the dream job. Books were piled up of on his study table; he was searching from his laptop for as much information as he can swallow.

Each and every second was precious!!

Lemon was loudly singing and playing guitar. Lemon was Orange’s roommate and classmate. He had just returned from a first day movie show and dinner in his favorite restaurant.

“Will you please shut up? I can’t concentrate in this noise”, Orange yelled at Lemon.

“Noise? Dude, this is music. If you can’t concentrate that’s your problem. You don’t have brain to study this stuff. Don’t give me excuses of noise”, Lemon responded.

“I don’t have brain? I am the topper of the class. I had international summers. I have completed CFA level 2. I am the chairperson of cultural committee”, here came Orange’s reply.

Orange throws his CV on Lemon’s face. “Look at my achievements. I have everything that an MBA student can have. What do you have with you?”

“Nothing, except a PPO!”, Lemon exclaimed with a winning smile and resumed playing guitar and singing.

-- For those who don't know PPO means Pre-Placement Offer in MBA parlance. Student can get a PPO, final job offer from his Summer Internship company, then he need not sit for final placements.


Anonymous said...

"at the end , the king and the pawn go into the same box"

Unknown said...

I hope I'm lemon :)

Epiphany said...

won't matter in 6 months when they start cursing their stars that they GOT this job, and wonder why they didn't do something they "loved"! :)

Neihal said...

I cousin who always looked like a zombie for last one year is suddenly back to his self, courtesy a ppo :)

Shailesh said...

Nice to see many people can relate to the story.

# Anonymous,

Philosophical statement!! All may end up at same place but the joy of getting anything early is always more. Isn't it?

# Kneekey,

Im betting on you to be a lemon.

# Epiphany,

Think positive buddy.

# Neihal,

Nice to see you back with comment. Yeah, PPO is a big relief.

Ankur said...

Hey.. That was too funny. I can just imagine a Deewar like scene going on:-

Orange: Mere pass international summers hai, CFA 2 hai, Cultural position hai, CV hai, kya hai tere paas?

Lemon: Mere paas PPO hai!

:D :D :D

Maria George said...

Its placement time eh? All the best!

Manish Khamesra said...

Bravo! U r an O. Henry in the making...

Shailesh said...

# Ankur,

Yeah, PPO is big "Deewar", the divide between placed and non placed people.

# Daagini,

I have one more year to join the placement race.

# Manish,

Thanks :)

Varun Seth said...

Y do people doing masters in BUSINESS administration striving for JOBS?