Sunday, January 07, 2007

Relationship Manager

I was sitting alone in a café. The café was crowded, with very few seats left empty. A man occupied a seat in front of me. He was near thirty and was formally dressed. I was getting bored sitting alone so I started chatting with him.

I introduced myself. He told me that, he had done his MBA from a reputed B-School and was working with a top bank as Relationship Manager.

Whenever I meet someone experienced person from the industry, I always try to get maximum information.

“Do I need to be a Finance genius to succeed in banking career? “ I asked him curiously.

“No, not at all! The key to any successful career is relationships. Take my example I am a Relationship Manager handling big accounts. I understand what exactly the customer wants. Relationship with customer is the most important factor in success,” He started his speech. Probably after many days he had got a dedicated listener.

He went on and on about his relationship doctrine and its importance to success.

To escape from his relationship monologue I changed the topic I asked him about his family.

He uttered only three words, “I am divorced.”


Anu Sharma said... happens..most of d times ppl get 'success' in convincing the whole world ,but unfortunately only left out persons are ones loved ones ! so ironic it is !
as usual a nice post .

Madhu said...

undoubtedly it was hilarious. Shows that many of us preach but donot know how to practice the same!

Shailesh said...

# Anu,

You have summed up perfectly the essence of the story

# Madhumitha,

Its great to see your comment on my blog. I wonder whether this is 'hilarious' for the Relationship Manager

Maria George said...

Came across your blog while randomly going through many other ones.
nice one! like you say good blogs deserve comments and here's my comment for you.

Shailesh said...

# Daagini,

Thanks for your comment. I hope next time you'll come directly to this blog and not randomly :)

Keep reading, keep commenting

- The-Ignorant

Malvika said...

His obsession with his career explains why he's divoerced.

Raghav said...

lawl..he is da man!!

Unknown said...

LOL!!! Really really witty! :)

Shailesh said...

# Malvika, Raghav and Kneekey

Thanks for commenting.

Keep reading, keep commenting.

Frustrations Amalgamated said...

Its better not to be business like in a marriage.

Anonymous said...

"people generally manage to forget themselves befre venturing into management careers "

Shailesh said...

# Priyadarshini,


# Anonymous,

Seems from person who has been there and done that.

Unknown said...

cost of success, eh?

Anonymous said...

You are evidently an idiot.

You should go kiss your reflection and watch it run away.

Salma Mirza said...
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Salma Mirza said...

Hi There. Nice blog :)

Shivani said...

Yup rightly said..I have seen lots of people like that who are really famous for there "good nature" but when you make that statement in front of his family they smile sarcasticaly!!