Monday, January 01, 2007

Economics of Attraction

"Am I so attractive? Why is everyone trying to impress me? This never happened in my graduation college,” She was thinking about these questions in her mind. She was just one month into the B-School and was wondering why she was getting so much attention from boys.

In her thoughts she almost forgot that she was attending a lecture.

Economics teacher's loud voice interrupted her thoughts, "Prices of goods are decided by forces of demand and supply. When demand for goods is significantly more than supply of goods then prices of goods increase even though there is no change in the intrinsic value of goods."

She got the answer.


Paresh said...

Hahaha...good one! But this is also applicable in an engineering college, although the 'scenario' in recent years is improving rapidly.

Unknown said...

Shailesh, which girl shared this insight with you?

Unknown said...

Dude, that was a good one...
I think you should send the link on our groups and direct it to the girls ;-)

Shailesh said...

# Paresh,
Yeah applicable to engg colleges too :(
Probably 'scenario' will change after some years.

# Kneekey,
You have very limited choices to guess!!
Actually no one told me this. Like my all other posts this one is also fictional.
Also goods never told anything to economists when they proposed scarcity theory :)

# Tejas,
I trust you to do that.

Himanshu said...

Wonderful imagery, really applicable to almost any engg colg or b-school.
I remember the mech engg dept in y colg, there was only 1 girl in that class. No prizes to guess the amount of attention she must have enjoyed!


Anu Sharma said...

hehe..might be m d first gal to comment by rule wil take gals side n wil say ki she transformed herself into an attractive, its got nothing to do wid d lecture. but den saying it just to take her side :p

Unknown said...

hey very coooll the ways were y tryin to hint somethin abt iur coll

Shailesh said...

# Himanshu,
Thanks for commenting.

# Anu,
Nice to see you back to my blog. You can become a good defence lawer.

# Disha,
Thats for you to guess!! Refer comment of Himanshu, if you still have any confusion.

VAPZ said...

awesome man

bty who is sailesh tryin to talk in

Neihal said...


Jyoti said...

Very interesting post man..very practical to every scenario..from senior classes in schools to higher education.
However, looking at it from another perspective, I found the analogy of girls with goods, which are economic commodities...and looking at it this way, i feel that the girls in even colleges too, are also somehow being treated as if they, instead of education, are objects of desire..and thanks to our so far well established male-chauvinistic psychologies.

A very very practical and interesting post, Shailesh..looking forward to more from you..

Smart-Alecky said...

Another can be the famous (sorry if you don't know this) "Jahan jaye bhookha vahan pade sookha"
And given that most of the boys are bookha (no offence meant) where ever they go there's a famine.

Statistics, although sometimes mis-intertreted, you will know it soon, corroborates the very very low chances of 'prices' dropping.
See: Link

Shailesh said...

# Freakytechie

Thanks for sharing your views.

# smart-alecky

I guess your prediction would be correct.

Anonymous said...

A nice one!! true for most of the enginerring colleges in mumbai

Shivani said...

Ha ha rightly said..
although I am from mechanical background and in our batch we were just 4 girls among the total mech. batch strength of 60..but i dont think I got any special attention..might be they knew the competition is so tough 1:14 so better play with CS/IT/EC girls..and to confess they are more updated with the latest fashion trends..!!!

Anonymous said...

I went through the same phase in my office and I kept wondering what happened suddenly...?! Thanks for sharing the answer. :)