Monday, July 24, 2006

Cocktail of Indecision

Three friends from a big B-School were facing a difficult question, "Which Specialization?".

From so many specializations, they decided to choose from either Finance or Marketing. To discuss this difficult question they thought of doing brainstorming in Juice parlor.

In Juice Parlor

"This menu is too much confusing, if we look at all options, we cannot decide which juice to choose from."

"I guess we should choose from either Mango juice or Orange juice. Because both are popular and this parlor is famous for both of these juices than any other."

"I believe we should think only in short term while choosing juice. We should choose the one which tastes better."

"No, we should think from a long term perspective. We should choose the one which is better for our health."

"I don't agree with both of you. We should choose the juice which we like."

"Well, I just can't decide which one to choose. I'll choose the one which most people like in this parlor."

"I look at it from a different perspective. If we choose Orange, we risk losing Mango and vice-versa. I believe we should de-risk this."

Discussion, arguments continued between these three friends. Now waiter enters in the scene.
"Sir, Please decide quickly, after ten minutes we'll close this juice parlor."

"We'll go for cocktail !!", all three replied.


Paresh said...

These days its much better to be a jack of all trades rather than being a king of one!

Amit Samant said...

interesting take boy!
i think its what you like or develop a liking for and not regret it down the line
..just dont follow trends

Anonymous said...

Hi Shailesh

Specialization is required in MBA, though you have the basic subjects of all specializations in the first year.

BTW, how was the cocktail. Did they like it.


Anu Sharma said...

well i guess ones liking towards sth or passion dosent fade so discarding other things one sud go whr ones intrest lies...

Himanshu said...

Does that mean they ended up doing General Mgmt as all IIM guys do? Hehe, anyways, my first comment here Shailesh...

Jyoti said...

If at all, the decision is related to getting into a B-school, I would say, on e cannot go only by the thoughts of others and trends. Such decisions should really be the outcome of confluence of YOUR ZEAL, MARKET PROFITABILITY of a particular stream, and your spectrum of cascading PRIORITIES .
For instance, I may choose a stream, which is not-so-popular and doesn't attract masses for any reason, provided that I have a strong liking and am absolutely confident on framing a successful career out of it...maybe resorting to my previous learnings and pre-selection plans to trade on my specialized skills in the subject.

Nevez Shailesh,
It's been a long not having you around here, so howz life moving man?

Anonymous said...


i think you put across the point very well. having gone through the rigours of a MBA myself and having observed and interacted with many o my batchmates there i get the feeling that many end up taking something because it is the most popular juice rather than having he juice they would actually cherish.

you hit the nail on the head.

Anonymous said...

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