Saturday, June 10, 2006

Everything But Work

I was furious, my flat was not ready and builder's reply was "Work in Progress". I decided to check whats happening at construction site.

I reached at construction site. What I saw was really unexpected.

Almost no worker was working. Some were writing letters, some were busy meeting their friends, some were playing football. Even this was not enough. Some people were busy with pundit matching their kundlies and looking photos of possible future life partners.

No one was working.

I decided to contact the supervisor at this construction site. I was shocked again. He was writing diary.

"Why no one is working? Why everyone is busy with 'other' things?" , I asked him.

Supervisor was truly shyless. He didn't answered my question, he asked, "What is your profession?"

"I am an IT professional, a Software Engineer.", I answered.

"You shouldn't be surprised. What you people do with computer and Internet, we are doing same without them. You all are hooked to personal emails, blogging, orkut, computer games and matrimonial sites. We are on the other side of digital divide, so we are just doing same in a different way." the supervisor gave me this biggest shock.

I had nothing to say. I left that place.


a said...

Hehe! How true! Nice post, Shailesh!

Paresh said...

Good one!

Rushabh S Shah said...
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Rushabh S Shah said...

hehe nice one n shud say V true :)

Anonymous said...

A bitter true !

Anonymous said...

dunno how it is true...a software proffessional does his work viz writing code in addition to orkutting, blogging etc..
similarly the workers should do whatever they were doing in addition to creating the house.

Frustrations Amalgamated said...

hmmm we are the social boors... blame technology??? huh!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shaliesh

Is it a true incident. Didn't you tell him that we do extra work, if we are through with the office work.

I hope your flat get constructed soon.


Anonymous said...

sorry not extra, its personal work.


Shailesh said...

#Rahul, Paresh, Rushabh, Anon
Thanks for commenting

This is a bit exaggeration. SW Engg do a lot of working. This post was just a different way of looking at things.

I am not blaming anyone. You would understand this when you start working.

- The-Ignorant

Shailesh said...

Hi Nidhi,

Welcome to The-Ignorant's World.
This incident is not real. Infact none of my post is complete reality. Its mix of fiction and reality. Only the characters in the story know how real that story is.

- The-Ignorant

Deepak said...

Whow.. been quite a long time since read something so blaise yet so pragmatic...
Hmmm... well, it is not just productivity that has been affected by these seemingly unobstrusive playstuff such as Orkut, blogging, et all.. but in a way; it has not enhanced life as it was promoted to be....
As they say, the world is definitely shrinking... and so is our Brain Size.. without puzzles to solve & work to be done ... after all if we get a short-cut wouldn't we all be tempted to use them...

sparrow said...

v true:)
but u missed on hatting on gtalk;)

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