Friday, June 30, 2006

Next Experiment

New blog for new thoughts!!

Here is my next experiment, Shailesh Speaks . All are invited to be a part my new journey.

"The Ignorant's Blog" for my Soul.
"Shailesh Speaks" for my Brain.

- The-Ignorant


anu said...

man u r lucky who knows wen n whr ur heart or mind wil raise thr to pata hi nahi chalta !! btw all d best !

anu said...

u hav been tagged ..check out my blog for details !

Nidhi said...

Hi Shailesh

I hope u can give time to both Soul and Brain. I would love to read both the blogs but Soul is on priority. lol :)


Shailesh said...

Anu, Nidhi,

Thanks for commenting.

I believe its great idea to have different thoughts on different blogs. So I started "Shailesh Speaks". Lets see how it goes.

Keep coming.