Thursday, June 22, 2006

Middle Path

A group of men and a group of women were involved in heated debate.

Men believed - "God is a man."

Women argued - "God is a woman."

'Wise' man thought he was master of negotiations. He believed that solution for every problem can be found by taking a middle path.

Wise man made heroic entry in this fight.

Wise man suggested to the fighting groups, "God is neither man nor woman, God is somewhere in between."

His suggestion had serious conclusion. Both groups were furious. They beat the 'wise' man to death.

The wise man died on middle of the road, on the 'middle path'.


Paresh Y Murudkar said...

Either my comprehension skills are getting weaker day by day or your posts are getting more and more esoteric. But with some other readers deriving meaning out of them, I think the former would be true!

Rushabh S Shah said...

paresh you have company ;-)

Deep said...

Hey guys.. I guess I can aptly summarize this entry :-
"GOD is an Enunch "

I guess, that out to make both the factions happy!!!
(Please note neither am i an atheist nor a Satan-worshipper)

hehehe.. I can feel that this was more so based a lil on the fight between the 2 cats and the judge monkey ... classic Fable !!!

hey SG you should actually collect all these and try to publish in a book :-)

Deep said...

by the way... you guys heard of the story ,
An Atheist jumps into the Tigers cage and shouts, "If there is GOD then I shall not die" ... unfortunate for him the Tiger was also an atheist !!!!

Well, I would actually prefer that the guy should have shouted that... "If God exists then I shall be mauled by the Tiger".. Damn that's a win win situation on both sides LOL

Shailesh said...

# Paresh and Rushabh
I loved the way you guys have expressed your opinion. Probably you were not able to relate to the situation I narrated in this post.

# Deep,
Welcome to The Ignorant's Blog. Thanks for your comments. Some day I'l definatelly publish a book :)

freakyTechie said...

If really you want readers to comprehend the idea and relate the story to the real-life scenario, let me become one such reader.
It can be related to the situations, where we have discussions (sometimes, debates even) on who of men/women are good at a particular role. reminds me of a famous G.D. topic, are women better bosses? That way I SPECULATE that this post from Shailesh has something to do with this logic, though m not sure. If it is, I would say really a god should either have qualities of none, or of both. Being gender-biased with God is not fair, guys :)

Sayesha said...

Wow! Congrats! :)