Friday, June 02, 2006

Bookish Leadership

I was travelling by train. I was reading a good book sitting on a window seat.

A teenager sitting opposite me was also reading a book, "Swimming Guide". I thought he was the most stupid person on earth. Can art of swimming be learnt by reading book?

I curiously asked that teenager,"Do you believe by reading this book you will learn how to swim?"

Teenager confidently replied, "Yes!! This book is written by a legendary swimmer who has won half a dozen Olympic gold medals."

This confirmed my assumption that this teenager was the most stupid person on earth.

Then I continued reading the book, "Leadership Guide", the book by a legendary CEO.


Paresh Y Murudkar said...

Such books are mostly vague; I have already put up a Post about such books.
However, the blame should not be put on the books. Some of the books have the potential of being really informative. All these 'guides' should be taken in the right spirit: They can only inform and can not train anyone. A Cricket coaching manual lists out how to play all the shots; how they are played depeneds whether that player is Sachin or Dhoni.

anu said...

so who is the bigger stupid ? i guess d one who is big :p !!

freakyTechie said... you call it a philosophical post! Interest outlook towards these training guides. Dude, Don't you think these books are different from our regular textbooks only in the fact, that these teach and portray ACTIONS, while the textbooks teach us the theory typically.
If that's how you expect of a book (I mean, a book can be a book only if it teaches something that can't be practiced in action.)I choose to not agree with you.
Learning part always rests to the reader, rather I should say, a learner, because not every reader is a learner. Dude, see things from a learner's point of view, they will start appearing different. In addition, I'd say, the so-called great books on philosophy like the ones from Ayn Rand and many others, then fall in the same category. Just articulation of facts, fictions, theories, stories, and many other similar things are required to form a book. The thing required for turning a book into a gu ide is the reader, indeed the reader himself/herself.

Aishwarya Rao said...

How do u manage it everytime? To write in metaphors or whatever they call this usage in English Language...Perhaps its because you are specializing in it...Jack of all trades never become kings!

Priyadarshini said...

No one wants to be stupid or even called stupid... stupidity is a human trait..

Shailesh said...

Thanks all for your comments.

This was just a way of laughing at yourself.

I agree with u. Many peole are under illusion, they think just by reading great books they can achieve big things.

Nice point. Its learner who gains and not the reader.

#Anu and Priya,
No one stupid, Not even me :)

Thanks for the compliment.

Keep coming, keep visiting.

- The Ignorant.

Rahul said...

Haha! Another nice post, Shailesh! Your writing style's getting better! This post made me smile and think at the same time!

I alo like the way you're always ready to laugh at yourself!

Bhushan said...

So what would have been the case if it were a book on cooking ??

perhaps what the hell if the book was about " becoming a non-corrupt & good politician" lol

scarecrow said...

lol...good one..

Anonymous said...

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