Tuesday, May 16, 2006

People ARE System and System IS People

People make System OR System makes People ?
Probably Both.

People make System AND System makes People.

People ARE System and System IS People.
Still People crib about System.

People -> System -> People -> System -> People
Its a Circle, Origin is End and End is Origin.

Sometimes this Circle is Virtuous,
Sometimes this Circle is Vicious.

When it is vicious, someone should break it.
Who should break the vicious circle?
System or People?
Probably People.


Scott Fish said...

I really enjoyed reading this post, it's very much inline with what I talk about over on my blog.
Let me know what you think... India News - My blogs is at: http://www.india-news.in

Thanks and I appreciate your comments on my posts as well.

anu said...

well for d time being words AND,OR ,IS,ARE, N -> r reminding me of me dbms chapters n digital device lessons...nevermind just back frm xams finally....gud one!

Shailesh said...


Good to see u back on this blog.

Keep Commenting

Priyadarshini said...

A viscious circle cannot be broken...... its like
"do we eat to live or live to eat."
ultimately the point is we eat.
similarly the system rulz us!

Paresh Y Murudkar said...

I am lost!

Shailesh said...


When I say "system" ,it doesn't always mean country or the world. System can be anything your college, society , workplace. It can also be your family.

When I talk about change. It's not revolution, its an evolving process. Its a sustain effort of doing things in a better and rational way.

We all can make change happen.

Shailesh said...


I hope you have "found" yourself by now.