Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Contemporary Wisdom

A bright engineering student said, "I kept almost 40 percent of syllabus for option (read- I didn't prepared for it), because examiners ask very few questions on that 40 percent part, also these questions are too difficult. I have prepared for the easier part. I am confidant that I'll get good score."

Wise man thought, "Intelligent boy. He studies for marks not knowledge."

Marketing manager of a luxury car said, "We target only rich people as poor and middle class can't afford our car."

Wise man thought, "What an intelligent manager. He knows who are his potential buyers and don't waste his effort on others."

A burly politician said, "I am sure, I'll win this election with help of poor people. I'll give them cheap rice and free color TVs. I can't rely on educated middle class who doesn't vote and treat Election Day as holiday."

Wise man cried, “Shame! Shame!! He is a populist. He is playing Vote Bank Politics"


freakyTechie said...

He's no wise man then. He considers it business when a manager does it, why doesn't he perceive the same for that burly politician? He perhaps thinks the conditions to be ideal, which is not the case at present. He shouldn't be called a wise person, rather called a sensible and .....(I cannot think of the term, perhaps a good person.)

navneet said...

I like the way you put things...nice this is why I come to read your blog.

As for the wise man...he must have been a middle class educated guy himself :)

Priyadarshini said...

good one

Paresh Y Murudkar said...

cmpletely disagree with this.
A bright engineering student, Marketing manager of a luxury car are totally differenet than politicians. The first two can take a microscopic view of their duty as the society as a whole doesn't really care about the outcome. But the politicians are there (or well, supposed to be there) to ensure welfare of the whole society. They cannot (or shouldnot) concentrate on a small subsection/ market segment.

Shailesh said...


Porbably you and "wise" man think the same way.

So there is nothing to disagree, infact you believe what "wise" man said was correct.