Monday, July 10, 2006

Counting Curse

I was eating strawberries with my friend.

After that strawberry feast, I asked her, "How many strawberries you ate?"

She replied, "I didn't count. I was enjoying its taste. Its taste is amazing. Did you like taste of strawberries?"

"Uhh.. I was counting strawberries while eating. I missed out on its taste", I responded.


anu said...

u no i always liked ur short short n so sweet wid a gr8 lesson.

Nidhi said...

Hi Shailesh,

Right message in right way.


Shailesh said...

Anu, Nidhi

Thanks for commenting,

Stop counting, start enjoying.


ANKIT said...

hi there,
this small post of yours made me thinking(me ..thinking..??),,,!

you have a interesting blog out here,,!
btw,,best of luck for your academic years ahead in the b-school...!


Deepak said...

hey nice blog dude...

Amit said...

yeah i kno i've told you many times i'd read your blog n cud never get the time.... but today i did... its real good writing man.... very nice.. keep goin!!

Anonymous said...

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