Thursday, February 02, 2006

Why Horse Cart exists?

Why companies exists?

When I read "Built to Last". I was curious to know what a layperson thinks about this question.So I thought of asking this question to my mom, because she is not aware of buzzwords of business.

"Why companies exists?", I asked.

"To give people jobs", she answered promptly.

I was amazed to hear this answer, I guess most people in India have this illusion that compaines exists to create jobs.

Then I asked my mom another simple question,"Why Horse Cart exists?"

"So that the owner can earn money and People can have a ride by paying him money.", She anwered.

"Does the horse cart exist to give the horse job and livelihood?", I asked another question.

"No", She answered. She was ignorant about the business but she understood that horse cart doesn't exist to feed horses.

But many ignorant horses are unaware of this fact. Are you one of them?


anu said...

i saw one thing common in al ur posts .u talk tersely n quite sharp .wot 10 lines take to convey sth u say it in just one..gud one. n abt the ques i think horses r getting paid n thr livelihood.

paresh said...

As a horse, one will never completely empathise with this conclusion unless the cart belongs to the horse.
well, whats this now? anyway, i decipher this article as saying that theres more to a job than just salary. Maybe, but theres no job in the world which is perfect for you unless u start ur own setup and work as an employee of ur own company.

Shailesh said...


I agree that its hard to accept the fact. But I only suggested that the "reason" for existence of horse carts is not horse, it is just a mean.

Even if u are star horse in a race(read I-banker or Consultant),u are still a horse.

But to add to that once u accept that u are horse there wont be any expectations mismatch when u are pulling the cart.

Shailesh said...


Thanks for the compliments, I wont mind if there are more compliments coming for me.

Readers like u inspire me to write abt new questions, new dilemmas.

Keep commenting.

Sathish said...

The analogy is not correct.

Horses didn't choose to have this setup of horse-pulled-carts serving men.

But we human beings have chosen to have this setup of companies, employees & employers - supposedly with a consensus that this set-up [capitalism] is the best for everybody.

So a company is there to give jobs, as well as to please customers, as well as to earn profits, as well as to guide the society.. Companies have the freedom to choose which comes first to them & as employees we have the right to choose which company I'd work for.

I've chosen to work for a company who's put employee welfare as number 1. I needn't go to office, I needn't work more than 15 hrs a week, still I earn as much as an average IIM passout.

Now, what kind of a horse I am?

Shailesh said...


You are a lucky horse!!

Its great to listen different point of views.

I appreciate the way you have found some loop holes in the analogy,
but apart from consensus point I think this analogy suits well.

I have worked and now working in people friendly companies,
but I really doubt, if employee welfare is top priority of any company,
because business doesn't work that way.

Again, I reiterate You are a lucky horse!!

Keep commenting..

Anonymous said...

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