Friday, February 17, 2006

Better Sorry than Safe

Once upon a time there lived two bears in a jungle. Like all bears they loved Honey. But getting Honey was not easy, it was risky, honey bees were ready to attack anyone who tried to get Honey.

Out of those two bears the First bear tried for Honey and honey bees attacked him. He failed in first attempt. He was so scared of honey bees that he desired for honey but never dared to try again. He played safe. He lost the opportunity to gain strength and vigour he could have got from Honey. He remained an ordinary bear. He lived safe and died safe.

The Second bear was also in quest for Honey, he failed once. But he derived strength from strong desire for Honey. He made many attempts, was attacked many times by honey bees. The tenacious bear finally got Honey he desired for. He gained enormous strength from Honey. Thereafter the Second bear tried many times for Honey, each time with more strength and more confidence, and most of the times he got that.

Now you decide two things, Whose path you want to follow? The one followed by First bear or the one follwed by Second bear?

Decide what is Honey for you; great job, profitable business, b-school admission, faithful companion, peace of mind or just anything you desire for. Give your best shot for it and Dont give up. Its better to be sorry than to remain safe.

Your Honey is waiting for you. Go Get It !


Anonymous said...

"First beer or the one follwed by Second beer"
Any beer will do as long as it's not BEAR!
I'll have these beers one after another.
Pls don't remove my comment! It's a humble request from a drunkard

Aishwarya Rao said...

My honey sure is waiting for me!! How soon will I get it is the question here!!!

Vikas Agarwal said...

bear, BEER, and honey!

What a great combination mr. Ignorant!
I think now u've corrected your trivial spelling mistake.

There must be always a healthy balance (healthy for those bears) between the strength (collected from honey, as anticipated) and the risk involved in achieving that.
Getting forward like the second bear is the thing which leads us to success but only after a well-informed risk estimation. There is no point running after any such honey, which will not leave you in a condition to savour it, in case it's achieved.

Hiren said...

It actually depends more on the issue though generally one would be inclined to do what the second bear did. Everything cannot be everybody's cup of tea and sometimes following the course of the first bear may actually be more rewarding. You have to choose your battles in life- which to fight, where to give in.Trying to fight in the name of positive thinking is unwise and a sign of the inexperienced.

Paresh Y Murudkar said...

Persistence is the most important factor for success. You don't lose when you fall down, you lose when you refuse to get up. I am a strong believer in this philosophy and hence like the role of the first bear.

Shailesh said...

# Princess,

Very soon u'll get ur Honey, my best wishes for that.

# Vikas,

I agree with u Vikas, but sometimes we underestimate ourselves and anaylse to much, then we stop taking any risk.

# Hiren,

I appreciate ur comment, but when u fail u doubt urself and dont realise ur potential.

# Paresh,

I think u have mistakenly typed "first" bear in place of "second".

I totally agree with u that persistence is the key.

# All

Thanks for presenting different views, different perceptions.