Monday, February 27, 2006

Fighting Bytes - Colour of the Creator

With a lot of effort I wrote a computer program. The program was running fine, but today somehow it started giving many errors. I tried to troubleshoot it, but of no use. I was alone in the room, suddenly I heard a voice, someone was talking . Then I looked inside my computer, I was shocked to see two bytes talking. I started listening..

"You are a Kafir, colour of our Creator, God is Green, the Prophet had told us this.", the "First" byte shouted.

"No, you are wrong, colour of our Creator, God is Saffron, I read that from holy scriptures", the "Second" byte replied.

After some time they stopped arguing and started fighting. And because of their fight "The Program", which I created with some much of effort was not working properly.

Initially I laughed at them, I thought, "How these ignorant bytes have created their own version of story, Colour of the Creator. I am colourless. I am their Creator, they are just ordinary bytes. For me both the First and Second bytes are same, there is no difference between them, no one is superior than other, both have just eight bits each."

But now I am furious, if the don't stop fighting, I will destroy them, I will destroy "The Program".


Paresh Y Murudkar said...

Wait for sometime, you don't even need to destroy the program. The bytes themselves will do so.

Aishwarya Rao said...

Thank God, the bytes cant destroy the creator! But nano science says they might be able to do even that given time enough!!!Bytes, I say.

Shailesh said...

I am an optimist, I believe bytes will soon understand they all are equal in eyes of their creator.