Saturday, April 22, 2006

Full Stop !

Blogging has been a great experience for me for last couple of months. I interacted with different people, listened to their views. Everything was perfect, then I came across these questions.

  • What differentiates my blog from thousands of other blogs in this blog world ?
  • Why should someone read my blog ?

I am trying to find answers to these questions, till that I won't be posting anything.

Please help me to find these answers, by sharing your views.

Those who want to contact me can Mail me.

- The-Ignorant


navneet said...

What differentiates my blog from thousands of other blogs in this blog world ?
the simplicity of thought and expression...the stark truth that it explains.
Why should someone read my blog ?
for the simple yet universal reason...coz he/she likes it :)

waiting anxiously for the next post

Jigar Gosar said...

the more pertinent question is,

why do you want to blog? Is it that you want to build a different blog than millions already out there?

why do you want a different blog? and why do you care about whether someone reads your blog? are you blogging for others or your-self? do you want to please others or yourself?

Also remember trying to please everyone is a sure way to failure.

So first decide why do you want to blog, and let that be your next post. Once the root question is answered, answers to rest will come automatically.

Or the best thing would be not to think about these questions and blog just for the kicks of it.

what say?

Paresh Y Murudkar said...

Now I found one useful thing about writing short posts. If someone visits the blog after a long time, it does not take long to get used to the things happening over that space. Especially true in my case when I somehow managed to get some time to surf after a looong time.

I read your blog as I am fond of observing people and their behavoiurs and drawing inferences from it. And I think your posts reflect the way you think or would behave in some situations.

Shailesh said...

Hey Jigar,

I appreciate ur frank thoughts, here goes my reply..

Yes, I want to build a different blog than millions already out there. There is no fun in doing what everyone else is doing.

I believe blogging is for sharing. I share an idea and people put their thoughts on it. If I wanted to write something for myself I would have written a diary and not a blog.

I don't like the tyranny of OR. My blog is for me AND for everyone who read it.

On a lighter note, I blog because I love to receive straight-from-the-heart comments, as you have given :)

Shailesh said...


Thanks for ur comment.

Jigar Gosar said...

good. thats excatly what you have been doing. your blog (like everyone else's) is different, already, I have never in my lifetime seen two blogs being same ;)

and now for your second question
"Why should someone read my blog ?"
you just replied in the comment ->
"I believe blogging is for sharing. I share an idea and people put their thoughts on it."

some one will read your blog and comment because they want to share ideas. and if sharing is all that counts on your blog, you already have got some mind share.

so stop testing our patience and start spilling you brains out in the next post. or you'll lose even those people who have somehow found their way to your blog. (unlike me who was coerced to read.)

Priyadarshini said...

hmm wat differentiates your blog ???
I believe every person in this world has something different.A difference which makes one unique and the its the same difference that give one his or her identity.

Why I like to read your blog??
Hmmm...i dont know as previosly said the short posts could be one reason.
Moreover ur posts make me think and wonder..and thats what i like about them.

Shailesh said...

Thanks Priya,

Keep commenting.

freakyTechie said...

Finally you exposed your e-mail id, and your name ;) as well!

Bhushan said...

hello shailesh ( the ignorant ) ,
i had every reason to name my blog ignorance or ignorant for as we all know ignorance is a bliss.

why i read your blog ?? coz the reason you explore the common situations and make them seem funny like the future the friends , and about children and about the noble ..and one more ..about the futre addition there is no self-bragging,no cinematic talk and perhaps that sets you apart. you see i think very blogger has it's own ways & that is just my humble opinion .
all the best for future

Bhushan said...
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Shailesh said...


Thanks for appreciation.

Keep reading, Keep commenting.

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