Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Challenging Work

A routine meeting with Manager(My Boss).
Manager - "I have some challenging work for you. Are you interested to take it?"
Me (very happily) - "YES!!"

After some days, a followup meeting.
Manager - "How are you doing?"
Me - "Can you give me something else to work on? That work is too boring."
Manager - "I know that".
Me - "But you said that it was challenging. What was the challenge in it?"
Manager - "Not to get bored while working on boring stuff. Buddy, you have lost the challenge."


navneet said...

If only we could have more people losing out on such challenges...we'd soon have no boring work!!!

thanks for putting me on your blog list...you might want to change the link to rediffblogs instead of blogspot

Priyadarshini said...

May b your boss is right..... Coz i am in no different situation than u r in.... but one thing u get paid for the boring job where as i dont.

Shailesh said...


This is a fictional incident like most of my other posts.

I just wanted to narrate how managers hard sell any work to employee by labeling it as challenging.

Also employee, no matter what work they get they never find it challenging.

ankurg said...

it all depends on the definition of challenge.

Hiren said...

Very funny and interesting. The issue however is that if the work is boring, can you do it all your life? - Take a look at this- Make your passion your profession

Shivani said...

Shailesh u really have a different way of expressing and thats really impressive..!!