Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Lost Nobel

When I was eight years old, teacher taught us about Nobel prize. I learnt that many scientists solved great puzzles of nature and won the coveted Nobel Prize. I thought when I grow up I will solve some big question to win a Nobel. Then I started around looking for the big question. I observed that only married people had children. I zeroed on the question that will give me Nobel, a Biological question, "Is marriage necessary to have a child?"

When I grew up, I learnt that the question was not a Biological question, it was a Social question. And I lost my Nobel.

From that incident I learnt, "No matter how much Information we gather, how much expertise we gain we still live in ignorance. Life, economy, technology and politics unfold in very unexpected way that you cannot have 'long term AND specific' goals. Because as the time changes the goals set long back may become irrelevant in the new context."

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Shailesh said...

I wonder why no one had commented.
Is this post too abstract or was I not able to articulate it?