Friday, March 10, 2006

Lazy Blogger

Lazy weekend morning. I was typing my new blog post, my friend cum well wisher came.

The moment he stepped in and looked at me he said, "Why are you wasting time doing 'this' crap?"
"Tell me, what should I do?", I asked.

"Study for CAT,CET or GMAT and crack it", he said.
"Then..", me.
"You will get admission in top bschool", he continued.
"Then..", me.
"You will get placed in a top company at astronomical salary", he said.
"What will happen next?", now I was also eager to listen.

"Then one day you will become CEO of a big company, then like all modern CEOs you will want to communicate informally with your customers, employees.", he explained.
"Then what will I do?", I asked curiously.
"You will write a blog to communicate with all stakeholders informally", he explained.
"That's what I am doing now, writing a blog. If after doing all this, if I end up doing the same thing(writing a blog), then I am happy where I am".

And I continued writing my blog post.


Rahul said...

Aah! Rip-off of the Sprite ad! Shailesh, you need more originality! But you know, you've raised a nice point there.

"You will write a blog to communicate with all stakeholders informally", he explained.'

No CEO I know (other than Rajesh Jain) ever blogs regularly. An original, uncensored blog. The high-level industry perspective that CEOs and top management can provide, is missing in every industry.

So here's an idea for an original post - "Why doesn't management blog"?

Shailesh said...

This story is inspired by "Lazy man" story, I don't know about the sprite ad.

Probably friend of lazy blogger is looking into future when most of the CEO's will write a blog and thinking about the time when the Lazy blogger and his friend will become CEOs.

Rahul, allmost all my articles are origninal except a few. I just want to convey a thought, a emototion. Sometimes it is original and sometimes it is "inspired".

Paresh Y Murudkar said...

Not sprite. Its chlormint ad.

Shailesh said...

"Why doesn't management blog"?

Problem with blogging is u can represent only one "version of truth".
Probably people who are master in maintaining different versions of truth for different audiences, cannot write a blog.

Paresh Y Murudkar said...

Mangers do blog. But they generally do it under a nick. I know a VP HR of a big INdian company who regularly writes strong things about company culture etc under a nick name. His viw=ews are so strong that I wonder whether he actually implements them in his dept.
But we must learn to keep personla life separate from professional life. And blogging may be personal thing for many.

Piyush Mattoo said...

I have read a similar idea somewhere..don't remember where.This post looks like an inspired version rather than simply a facsimile.So, i guess you are just taking that idea and applying it in different context.Thats what IT-Research is all about.So,not bad at all.

Arvind Iyer said...

even the sprite ad was ripped off from a joke which has been there since my class 7th (or my dad's) ...
i'll probably replace blog by bluetooth, or quanta-transfer something and make my kids giggle ...
i'll read the other posts now...

Bhushan said...

Nice One Man, the small article or post , i would rather refer it as a snippet was good one. it made me laugh on an idea.never mind even if it was thought to be as an inspired/rip-off/take-off or something else it was original to You and that's what matters .

to me it was a good one and nice piece of humour to blog.

Anonymous said...

stupid story yaar...

. said...