Monday, January 15, 2007

Shouting for Silence

He was sleeping in his home. Some noise outside the home spoiled his sleep. He was frustrated. He decided, "I'll sleep only when I get complete silence around me." He came out of home and screamed at people who were making noise. Those people stopped making noise.

Still there was not complete silence.

He made up his mind to find a place of complete silence.

He was beating a drum, shouting and asking everyone where he could get a place of complete silence.

When I saw him, I laughed at him. I wondered why he was looking for more silence. He was better off in his home.

He was shouting in search of silence.


Rahul said...

Hmm - to be very candid, this one was a little disappointing. Perhaps the element of paradox in each of your last posts might have gotten a little repetitive.

And do get rid of the blinking icon to the right of your page. It's rather distracting (I know that's the purpose, but we don't come to your blog to read the ads!) :-)

Keep blogging, Shailesh!

Shailesh said...

Thanks for candid feedback.

I guess my recent posts have raised expectations :)

About this post, probably you were not able to relate to the post or I wasn't able to articulate properly.

I have removed the 'distracting' ad :).

I hope I can come up with a cracker next time.

Blue Panther said...

Hmmm...I thought it was nicely said. The post is an excellent depiction of how we are searching for things outside us, when most of what we want lies within us.

Mohammed S Nulwala said...

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daagini said...

As Rahul said, it is getting quite repetitive. The first time, I read everything you had and was interested enough to come back again. But this time around, am wondering if I should.

Come around and check my blog sometime

Shailesh said...

# Blue Panther,

Nice interpretation, though different from what I was trying to convey :)

# Mohammed,

Thanks for giving me link.

# Daagini,

Do come back to read next post. I am sure you will definitely like it.
Read your blog. Happy blogging.