Monday, January 23, 2006

The Dependable and Mr Cool

I have always found very hard to praise people. I must admit that I found criticising easy than praising someone.But during my current job I have interacted with some wonderful people that I was very much impressed that I can only say good things about them.

Let me introduce them.

The Dependable
He joined the company fresh out of college. Eager to learn and contribute to the team, he always performed above expectations.He is a great problem solver and a guy with never say die attitude. But above all there is one thing that i like most in him, his willingness to take responsibilities. "When you take more responsibility, you are giving promotion to yourself", a quote from a self help book.He is the guy I will always want to have in my team.

Mr Cool
He is the manager for the project. I have never seen him loosing control under pressure. I have seen may managers who were somewhere between a dragon and a draculla. But this guy is different. He treats his team members with respect and he knows their strengths and weaknesses.

I hope I can learn a thing or two from these people. Then there will be someone who will be praising me. :)

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